Lifetime warranty


Limited priorities


Act now to perceive


Gypsy-O-Matic cremation


Pick of the litter


Functioning puppeteers


Paraphernalia Big Mac


Tullamore Dew straight


So do not pass go

Keep shopping

Or call a thug


Any fucking thug


In the Republic of Moi


Mao knew Ma Mao




Velocity’s errant gas

Mark it

Certain as imitations


Prehensile tails woven

Bones spin

Mexican Daylight Savings


To work religion

God is

In the details of Adam


Time bombs atoms

No one knows

Sleeping in cold volcanoes


Alice Malice how do

How do you

Jabba a Sasquatch moon


Today only yet maybe

No exceptions

Just pull my daisy


Get a new view into

Blue balls

Check your mirror


Little loser mustache

Nodding out

Flash your coat open


Your flask is dry

Channel 9

Updates and exclusions


Shit for brains

Who cares

Why the molecules dance


Like Isadora Mozart

Tripping over

Trump’s Saturday toupee


Fallen towers empower

Homeless vets

Slipping into dumpsters


Contemplating shit

And wiping

Coffee grounds off


Half-eaten jelly donuts


Fresh or stale as


Yesterday’s fad


The fine and dandy


Before the bell calibrate

Your lip

Sting like a butterfly


Mumble bumble bees

A good punch

Tastes real as Muhammad Ali

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