the wind cries


have you experienced this

let me stand next to your fire

come come voodoo child

you’re burning yearning with desire


to kiss the sky drivers

bony fingers picking at

tattered bloody flags

flapping feedback from blacks


and blues in this white cartoon

jimi flashing that sly smile

going back to playing his guitar

if 6 turns out to be 9 fine


will you remember me marry

the broken pieces of that

life or whatever you want

to call this rolling of the dice


forty-five years the wind still whispers

softly so hard to get through to you

as the snow blows the sun goes

down do you mind that we don’t know


slow or foxy I rock and roll

electric tones stoned free on lady’s

thighs taking you for another crosstown

ride you know why we don’t mind


miss the wind turning sand to soul

lick it lick it ride the flames blue

light the cracked cosmic sky

screaming sounds I don’t mind


come down jimi play for us awhile

we’re still spinning out of control

around the sun till the voodoo’s done

gone down and your train’s come home

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