not so lonely blues


ain’t got the blues

this mornin sun has

slanted through the blinds


ain’t got your blues

for lack-a money honey

so you kicks my behinds


ain’t got the blues

been snorin till my pussy

licked my nose


ain’t got the blues

I had for breakfast

when I refused to buy you rose


ain’t got no blues

a growin moldy fur

on my last orange peel


ain’t got no blues

little darlin hammerin

regret for a shit deal


ain’t got no blues

this afternoon that final

notice in my slot


no I ain’t got no blues

motherfucker a taste

of you is what I got


ain’t got the blues

this evenin naggin me

to comb my hair


ain’t got your blues

cuz my fuckin life

ain’t goin nowhere


ain’t got the blues

stuck in my throat from

gobblin bony trout


never got no blues

from any woman

who decided to eat out

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