often made fun of

labeled immature

spoiled children

immoral freeloaders

drug addled

out of control

taxing resources

and wasting time

hippies defied the rules

in a very short while

they changed the world

psychedelics allowed them to see

everything is connected

man woman blood stone

flowing dimensionally

light soul love home

red yellow black and white

everything is one

pulsing wave slim pickens

waving buck naked

astride big bang

out of chute number two

a raging hard-on

clutched in his gripper

hippies knew

but didn’t care

they were a joke

to the power structure

they danced and smiled

kept getting fucked

up on fun tickets

so something had to be done

and they were really easy

to kick the shit out of

but the bully always begs

a hero a movement

a call for justice

a fucking war

social revolution

turning on

tuning in

and dropping out

sparked many fires

that scorched the asses

of the white-males

who owned the world

hippies opened the door

authority tried to slam shut

but alice had taken

us down the rabbit hole

and through the looking grass

to what was behind the hanging

clothes in the back closet

our fear of the unknown

was just that

rush of adrenaline

before the new journey begins

because it’s all a trip

one and the same

it’s all discovering

our atomic relativity

love is energy

man and woman brother

black cop or white

mothers let’s begin

a new foreign policy

exchanging acid for guns

the hippies made love

not war their minds were blown

they could see

and there was no way

they could continue

playing by the old rules

keep doing the bidding

or pulling the triggers

for frightened aggressive

dogmatically entrenched

old men determined

to hold out against change

ignoring the seasons

and denying cemeteries

those goddamned hippies

found the key that fit

pandora’s secret box

the one she hid under her bed

full of giggling and fucking

and funny little phrases

like do your own thing

and love the one you’re with

come on people now

smile on your brother

all you need is love

so just love one another

love is all there is

call it god the universe

endless love is free

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2 Responses to HIPPIES

  1. jean says:

    Thanks, Mark Gibbons, for this wonderful poem. I just today discovered you. I was browsing the Missoulian, thinking about visiting Montana. The home page did not interest me much, but then I found an article about you, then another. Looked for you on-line and discovered this poem. It means a lot to me. I needed it. Thanks again.

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