at lundy’s house in providence

jcpenney pic

which isn’t a house. of course. and most everything is shot. in black and white of course. and it’s nothing like your house. this heartbreak i mean. which has everything to do with the elopement. and nothing. to do with you or the writer. which obviously means it has everything to do with both and with some kind of blue forgiving. but little to do with the artist’s canvas. or the goose-flesh model posed in only bra and socks pointing at his cock. still one should take off her shoes and eliminate body hair at the door. nothing but heartbreak piled on the floor. along with one shoe. three strap-ons. a leash and rolled newspaper. two orange feathers. the writer has written off cocks but the artist insists he needs a swelled head. blue veins. you on your hands and knees. a tabula rasa blue vanity. paint dribbled and dabbled along the spine. of a book. lips whisper. open peds dispenser. providence. pump handles. blue balls roll down the hall. forgiveness maybe. but she’s never enough. always posing. getting drunk. and leaving with someone’s jack.

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