hungry man blues


i likes it in the mornin

and i takes it afternoons

i eats it after supper

till my honey-pot she swoons


i bangs the pots

and i opens her cans

swaller all she’s gots

or all she can stands


cause i’m a piggy daddy

and mama loves to cook

i bellys up to her spread

and it’s lip smackin good


then i flops my big ass

back in that easy chair

full up and outta gas

nothin on but underwear


my baby brings me a bromo

reclines my lazy boy

serves me her sweet cherry pie

i devour with sloppy joy


i’m her hungry sugarman

and her prowlin salty dog

when she asks for my pork

i slaughters her hog


i could end this nonsense

by shuttin off the lights

won’t worry bout the mess

cause we’ll be up all night


lickin our fingers

and suckin on bones

her meat’s so delicious

i eats all till it’s gone


yes, her meat’s so dee-lucious

i eats it all till she’s gone


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