Black to Red

Black Thanksgiving

is about convenience


Black Thanksgiving

says it all


they’ve managed

to get their claws

into the pocket

of the last gasping

genuinely sentimental

American celebration

of family gratitude

brotherhood and sharing


The day we thank

the indigenous people


who welcomed us here

fed us taught us

how to survive

before we massacred them

Black Thanksgiving

says it all

like Columbus Day

Thursday Bloody Thursday

it’s always been

about convenience

and money changing


Red to Black

debt to asset


turn those lazy Indians

into good niggers

commies into slaves

Wal-Mart K-Mart all

mart hail smart big box stores

getting a jump on Jesus-

shopping Black Friday Targeting

Wall Street manipulations

cyber-money marketing

strings attached to puppets

who dance in the Red


Black-assed blues taking a bow

pepper spraying the bastards


who won’t play the game

rubber bullets fire hoses

billy clubs the unemployed

talking heads complain about costs

to commerce and poor taxpayers

beware the black-hearted

Foxes dolled-up as news-

men pulling off gloves

and stashing them with masks

in attaches atop stock portfolios

discount tickets to Cancun


It’s time to give

Thanksgiving a chance


it’s time to honor

each other the way we are

all together on Veteran’s Day

model America

after the Pentagon fund

no one left behind

take care of everyone

health education give them

the chance to serve

we know red is the color of life-

blood black we enter alone


for Burt, my Red2Black brother


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  1. Black Thanksgiving: Tis a grand way to prepare for the cutting edge of the sacrificial bird, eh?
    –Sir Toad
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