Lightning in snakeskin

Beaded on my Bic pen

The television chatters

And the central air flows


I don’t know why

I’m still alive and dancing

To Taj Mahal, Safeway

Or this capitalist jive


We all boogie to

Motate and celebrate

Quantify and cogitate

Masturbate, imitate, eliminate why


I want to understand

My split fingertips and leg cramps

Why I ache to serve

Sweat, love and drink


Why I identify

Or think my world

In black and white

Like The Naked City


The Twilight Zone

Even Father Know’s Best

Or Leave It To Beaver

Showed the grayness of a smile


Golly, Wally, Kitten

Mr. Clever, June, Rod Serling knew

We are obsessed with death

On airplanes, in the ring, even at home, alone


And always on the road, Kerouac

In the Bates Motel, meth

Skinny blondes and cigarettes

Turning down the bed, serving up


Plates of honey-mustard chicken

Salad, Coke or coffee, determined

To find an escape hatch, the same-old

New Lotto, our ticket to the dream


Maybe copyright the Happy

Birthday Song, so every time

Someone uses it, they’ve got to pay you a fee

Nothing’s free, but there is easy money


Out there, that’s the deal for me

Like music, sweet sounding opportunity

Too much bloody noise screeching in the alley

Mississippi blues still ringing in my ears


Old Taj played his ass off last night

In living color, a sweaty black

Man paintin’ his mailbox cool

Still doin’ crowd control for the sea


Of screamin’ white folks, pickin’

His Murakin banjo, fishin’ for blue ribbon

Souls in Missoula, Zanzibar, like Jennifer’s ma

Beadin’ the snakeskin-lightning


Sunset in my hand, this diamondback

Rattling guitar, Good God!

Sing me your Nawlens bippity-bop-babel

Blues rollin’ lingo beyond art, beyond words


Beyond symbols, beyond time

Sing me patterns and rhythms

Sing your heart, quantum mind, Mama

Work those fingers, Baby, roll your eyes


for Taj Mahal & Jennifer Greene 

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  1. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

  2. Greetings! Very useful advice within this post! It is the little changes that produce the most important changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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