That Now of When

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Listen Hear

I mean really listen here

Try to pay attention

As if you were blind

Like your life depended on it

It’s difficult to really hear someone

Speaking to you

Let alone two or more

Plus everything around you

Pulsing in and out

As the voice in your head

Keeps chiming on about

The here beyond and behind

Under the constant tinnitus

Ringing its distraction

And the rhythm of two

Battery clocks ticking

In sync to your heartbeat

Along with the intermittent

Drip in the kitchen sink

The muffled purr-rumble

Of cars outside passing by

Some near some far

A forced air furnace

Waging its winter war

Keeping you cozy for

Noting thinking being a spy

Locked onto the ping pong

Nuances in the immediate flood

No working words

Rule the body presence

Like background shading

They are another aspect

Of a landscape painting

We mostly hear

With our eyes hands listening

For the heart keenly attuned

To light to air

The warmth and fear

My nose inhaling

A mysterious melody

Mixed with blood and death

This what of if I listen for

The You in Us

That Now of When


Mark Gibbons

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