in god’s world

questioning gods and wars

are acts of treason.

hell is the reward

for questioners;

death for traitors;

prison for not playing

by the rules. not

doing what you’re told

can get you killed

in war, and isn’t it

more or less always war

in god’s world?


don’t be deceived

by snakes or moles.

come inside the temple.

the exterminator

will keep you safe

from the vermin

out there who scratch

damp, fecund dirt

and wallow like swine

in their own

sweet pungency.


take your questions

into the rooted ground.

you say you want to be

alone and know

what you cannot

know before the silence

you relish, that void

you can’t imagine,

shuts your sneering

mouth for keeps.


in a hundred years

no one will remember

your face, your name,

but the questions

will remain.

they are older than the words

that phrase them—

old as rain.

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2 Responses to in god’s world

  1. I’m listening. Savoring. We hear you.

    • marcogibbo says:

      I recognize that voice from the dark end of the internet tunnel. I know your number. Expect the call.

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