Montana Bars

photo by David J. Spear

have always been full

of men and hearty women

slinging stories painting landscapes

those tools for nothing and possibility

places of escape to mind

one’s own mind business

rabbit holes to the looking glass

that back-bar gaze the aftermath

tomorrow’s dreams of yesterdays

our limbo of today

this hour-minute liquid ticket

the acknowledgment of this

and that imagination

time out to own

the clock dissolve

rebuild one story one thought

drinking in one big union

of the mind’s reset

regret celebrate this pause

reflect or project elbows

on the bar wrestle care

maybe stare-watch baseball

to a rock-n-roll beat

try to undo the stitches inside

holding you to programmed

death unglued scrub the data racket

tumbling through you

and stumbling you through

pursue the elusive gnawing

in your gut ass planted on a stool

and remember you are safe

all you know is meaningless now

so embrace this home of fools


Mark Gibbons

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