The Rolling Stones

In concert

Was no excuse

But since I couldn’t

Get stoned

For the show

Risk pot in my piss

I decided I could

Drink whiskey instead

I don’t know why

I thought I could

But I did

And I did


What hurts the most

Isn’t the broken glass

In my head

The sickness

Or the lumps and bruises

It’s knowing

I ruined your night

Front row seats

To the biggest shebang

We’ll ever see

And you were stuck

With a drunk

Asshole like me

Who mauled you

And worse

Embarrassed you


How can you

Forgive me again

The wild turkey

I promised to kill

Nothing frightens me more

Than knowing

I’ve disappointed you

I am lost in those woods

A worthless

Piece of shit

Again the fool

The sad fool . . . again

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