Honorable Men


Shakespeare was right

My Old Man knew it

And the Founding Fathers agreed


Greed, fear, and jealousy drive

Humanity goosestepping toward the edge

Desperate men are easily conned


The dupes, the pawns, the patsies spin

A little shit-smack magic

Twitter-rope and flatter the gleam


On those pitchfork tines

Where’s the peanut trick, Baby?

Who’s your daddy’s concubine?


Something’s happened here again

And what it is precedes despair

But it’s fairly goddamn clear


To the Buffalo and Billy the Bard

The Common Good needs the queer

Around to blame and hate, they love to


Follow celebrities and forget

The wealthy die every day broken

By the grave, truly Death is


The only thing to believe in

Really, capitalism is insane

Always in the name of religion


We murder each other hoping

For the dream of money and ease

An idea that distracts our attention


In the shell game of life

Too foolish to live for each other

Today, to share and care


To hold together in the dark

And simply love one another

Accept the truth—nobody wins

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One Response to Honorable Men

  1. Jerry McDonnell says:

    Exactly: Honorable Men. With ole 140 Wallstreet giving his stupid smirk in the front row.

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