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Have you ever noticed How, regardless Of our age and all the jokes We make about getting Old and dying (and the physical evidence To support those conclusions) We are oblivious To the facts, the days, The changes, our decline? … Continue reading

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Jack, after reading Jack Spicer recently, I remembered how you talked about him as some prophet of magical writing, and I have sensed the wraiths shadowing your clear-eyed poems, kneeling silent beside a mattress on an earthen floor or staring … Continue reading

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Black to Red

Black Thanksgiving is about convenience   Black Thanksgiving says it all Finally they’ve managed to get their claws into the pocket of the last gasping genuinely sentimental American celebration of family gratitude brotherhood and sharing   The day we thank … Continue reading

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swollen with the liquid of life flood plain soaking in chocolate water, the rain keeps raining, drizzling, then pouring down hard, wiper blades rowing, flapping through sheets of water fields swollen with the green of spring, cottonwood, alder dogwood & … Continue reading

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