heart lake

Eighty degrees, a slight

breeze, blue sky, bird

calls, butterflies and bees—


a perfect day to celebrate.

Though surely love survives,

thrives in any weather,


desire demands heat—lust

wants it all now, like this July

tongue licking thighs to flame.


Love does what it says

it will because the promise

is a bargain made with itself.


It is what it believes. True

love cannot be taken

back. Once given, it is passed


along. The only way to get more

is to give it away. Like a fan

creates a vacuum, to stop


loving stops love from

coming in, and without love

there is no dance, no song.


No one cares once love

is gone, lost. We are going

to die sooner than we think,


so why stumble like zombies

craving meat and brains. Hearts

may break, but love remains


if we can forgive and love

ourselves. The world will follow

suit: a heart played calls for


a heart. That’s the trick, letting go

allows love to flow in. Always

lead trump—and shoot the moon.

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