connie and me

The moon is full

The sky is clear


At five below zero

Three white tail deer


Wait at the crosswalk

And the Stones believe


Time is on their side

Yes, it is the sweetest


Benefit of being young

Eternally in body and mind


Old age, decrepitude

The blindside of disease


Stealing the bloom of life

Never occurs to them


She’ll come running back

Always, just wait and see


So what is the life span of

A deer, Sister, can you hear


The fat lady singing, why

Won’t she get off the stage


I see you hanging onto

Every word she breathes


Begging for cold turkey

Another gravy refrain


Maybe an encore, flowers

No matter how much pain


You want to continue this fight

Outlast the masked Jesus-type


We, too, have seen your miracles

Believe you really could win


Pull it off by rope-a-doping

Death to a Sam McGee end


But what would happen then

Would you run off with Keith Richards


Dump Mr. Bill for Mr. Black

Poor Maggie could lose her meow


Go back to mopping floors

At the Polar Cat Lounge


In Hell, you wouldn’t want that

We’d rather see you in our dreams


Tell stories about the heroics

Of Old Floss the Electric Grandma


Who cheated the Reaper into smiling

Stared down the devil himself


The toughest daughter-of-a-Mick

Who’s ever shit between two shoes


And cashed-in before Christmas

Moanin’ them Worn-Out Blues

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