Neil "Old Man" thanks for keepin me young

Neil “Old Man” thanks for keepin me young

I’m worried about you

Which means I’m worried about me

I’m worried I’m afraid

We will disappear

Flash down that trap door

Or grow old unsure make that blind

Long walk to the electric chair

It isn’t fair the sun

Poisoning you at thirty-nine

Knives hacking at your mask

The inevitable crawling inside

Like Carver like Hugo

You lived high and wide

Chicago shoulders to the wheel

A steely medium weight contender

Plowing bulling a bullet-headed grinder

Cutting through the spin

Of Exxon’s Lily snake oil

Salesmen those shiny distractions

The sound from our throats

A dormant Godworm sleeping

Burrowing into the night we all hold

That universe we’ve forgotten

Those secrets we’re dying to know

So we cling to our scars young

Lions we sing and fight

Whiskey wrestlers bleeding

Tonight’s the Night

Hey hey Shaky

My my Mongo Jay

The undercards the true bards

Will never dive will never cave

It’s better to punch out standing

Let your howling words rave

Hey hey just say what’s on your mind

But never lie

My my little brother

Hey hey big guy keep speakin’ your rock

Rollin’ hearts can never die

Dig in let go push on assume

You know all that exists

Now is you now is me

Neal Cassidy rollin’ down Route 66

Neil Young’s crazy rockin’ horse guitar

Melancholy as me in the free world

My my your eyes meet the sunrise

Count the score today hey hey

I want to love you more than Andre the Giant

But Dick the Bruiser blows me away

Like our collective minds on the page

Your sly Bly haiku dancing me through sage

Swimming with the dogs

In an icy high mountain lake

Symbolic perceptions I keep

Trying to define to reclaim

To conceptualize and vocalize into meaning

Some way to stop this silly seriousness time

My young Powderfingered Brando friend

Time to open your mouth and sing

Open up the Tired Eyes keep on rockin’

Shockin’ Like a Hurricane

Like a Prairie Wind blowin’ me away

Somewhere sacred on a mesa

Where the Camphorweed sways

Where tumbleweeds roll and Creosote grows

Keep on dreamin’ my friend

Cataloguin’ Kerouac’s spontaneous scroll

Loggin’ your Lorca inspired Whitman tomes

Refrains the Ginz would’ve cut off his beard for

Beat-hot blisters and cacti lyrics

Rattlin’ scorpions loose on the free world

Please Man call me if you can

‘Cause I’m worried about you

Which means I’m worried about me

I’m worried I’m afraid

The record’s done played your song is sung

They’re putting the albums away

And I’m afraid I’m a fraud

A mock rocker in my mind

I’m afraid you’re fading away

Leaving me behind Patsy Cline gone

Tell me I’m wrong

Tell me your fire is rust

Tell me to keep on keepin’ on

I don’t want to stop rockin’

Don’t want to stop talkin’

I guess I’m just afraid of stoppin’

I’m afraid of losin’ the beat

Afraid of losin’ my ear the air

That thunder charged ionic

Rarified air plugged into the motion

The notion of being here and not

Scared about losing tomorrow

The next hour or next year

I want you to promise me you’ll be

Here in this poem till I’m gone

So I can come back to your heart

Come back to your songs

The U.S Department of Poetry

Anytime I want anytime I need

Your help to keep on keepin’ on

When the shitstorm rolls in

And the rock won’t roll my way

You’ll be here helping me embrace the day

Holding fast to the deer’s twitching ears

At first light that Guinness poured slow

And sipped with delight the bell to start

The last round of that championship

Fight and know today

That at least not here not now

Not on this page will I be afraid

Of losin’ you or me or anything today

Because today you’re with me

And I’m free to let ‘er rip free to tear it up

Today I can really love my friend

You know love and only love will endure

. . . Keep on rockin’ in the free world


for JimBo Jay & Neil Young

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