Wastin’ Time


Birds in the swamp

Call to monkeys

In the zoo picking shit

For the audience


And watching you

Nothing else to do

No bones to rattle

No straw bodies to burn


So they roll and rock

In their glass houses

Dream Voodou dancing

Fire and dirt needs


No cross of redemption

No starched hair shirt

No clocks or lists

Exist sittin’ here


At the crossroads

Of whistle and moan

Wastin’ time bayin’ at

The moon lickin’ bones


Otis and Sam tongue

Maia and Mae lounging

Longing not waiting

On clay ships or sin


Making moments music

Under your skin warm

Morning sun pierces

The canopy blue finds


Your buggin’ wings

Bottled and lost again

Horny idler naked white

As a Hoodoo ape-man


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