pickle smile blues

shakespeare & co.

shakespeare & co.


the old lady broke my pickle

jar, coins across the floor.

she picked out all the quarters,

didn’t close the fuckin’ door.


oh, mercy, momma,

you’re just a two bit whore.

you don’t respect your daddy,

he want you that much more.


so come on home, baby,

when your sober and poor,

come back to me woman,

shop your daddy’s store.


he’s got a big ol’ pickle

jar of foldin’ cash,

been savin’ it up

just to kiss your ass


again . . .

the fool he’s always been,

a blue . . .

briney pickled fool.


i’ll buy you diamonds & dresses,

honey, a big convertible car,

anything, sugar, whatever you want,

just get outta that fuckin’ bar.


i can’t think straight

since you been gone.

if you’ll put away the booze

i’ll mow your lawn.


come back baby,

stay for awhile.

just let this ol’ canner

give you a pickle smile.


oh, mercy, blue . . .

i’d do anything for you,

pickle my beets, sugar,

scrub your honey pot, too.


they say, sweet pickle momma,

you’re just a two bit whore,

say you don’t want your daddy’s

little pickle anymore,


but if you come back, baby,

come home for awhile,

this ol’ love-struck trucker

will give you a sweet pickle smile.


it’s true . . .

i’m the bread & butter pickle for you.

ooh, blue lady . . .

pucker up to my dill and chew.


baby, i gots the right pickle for you.

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