mostly cloudy

jarvis birds

j. jarvis


poets of the american century

poets of the american dream

poets of the american west

poets of the american scene

cooler than christ

sweeter than coke

hotter than pussy

better than dope

they are the ears

the voices of the dumb

they are the fears

of the unleashed tongue

worms in the pasta

sand in the bed

they are the shit on your finger

the masturbation you just did

who the fuck are these poets

these fagots begging flame

who the Hell do they serve

which whore and what reign

i’m the fucker of failure

i’m a sucker of blame

I will do you for nipples

and bottles of shame

tell me your truth

tell me your lies

let me write you, be you

let me wear your disguise

I will try to portray

your ache scratching to scream

try to sing it, release it

this confusion of seems

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