Let’s talk turkey

About getting high, about

Catching a buzz—“the illusion of

Enlightenment”—it’s not

A sickness or a problem or

Some kind of cop-out. People like

To alter their mind because

It feels good. It’s sweetly blissful,

Calming, relaxing, carefree.

It offers a temporary joy,

A smiling distraction

From the noise about what we

Should do and where

We should go when we figure

Out what we need to know

To succeed, to score, to win, to

Please. The question is,

Why? And the solution is not

Available at this time,

Please check your numbers

And try again. Please try

Again tomorrow . . . and again

Again. Nobody knows, nobody

Wins. Nobody finds out

Anything in the end beyond this—

We’re here and we die, so

Why not feel, enjoy the beauty,

The mystery, just cruise—

And be? Don’t let anyone buffalo you.

Don’t become satisfied,

Certain you know what to do,

That you’ve discovered the secret,

What’s “most important”

Because you know in your heart

You don’t know shit, and there’s

Such joy and peace in that, as sweet

A euphoria as four or five beers

That puts you in the present

And helps you to breathe, here,

Where you are right now,

On this path. Let’s call it, “satori,”

This drunken awareness,

This happy hour. Satori—

What a great name for a beer.


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