Luau Chester, old “Trouble Ahead” Casey

Jones, dragging his steel braced leg and grinning

beneath the brim of that straw cowboy hat,

limps into the party at the hip-strip theater

from thirty years back (those Crystal days)

when “Story” was living high and wide. Memorials

provide reunions for gray ghosts still breathing

and stumbling through. Reminiscing about

lovers lulled by liquor, electric tickets, and more

than a few sticky wickets between the sheets:

all that needlework “and the damage done.”

What fun! Eight lives spent. This last one

sleeps with Yorkies, pours vodka, juggles pain,

rerunning rides and wrecks on horse and cocaine.


inspired by that old hog-head, Chester Keith, with

nods to Neil Young, the Grateful Dead,

and in memory of Mike Story

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