I’m a backyard miner

A sidewalk stroller

Ankle deep in leaves


In my mind

I’m soaking up the sunshine

Burning hot as freezing steel

Barbed wire between my teeth


In my mind

I’m a whimper in the dark

Basement, a whisker

On the blanket, the hair

In your mouth


In my mind

I know nothing

About anything that matters

But nothing matters

About anything In my mind


In my mind

I’m still wandering

In the desert, thigh deep

In snowdrifts, sinking through

The garage roof


In my mind

I’m still eating apples

With my lover lounging naked

As these trees raining

Leaves shimmering

And rattling in an easy breeze


In my mind

I’m J.D. Salinger

Gary Cooper and Muhammad Ali


In my mind

I’m hanging with Jesus

And Orson Wells

Sports a Hitler mustache


In my mind

Tom Waits is serving

Tea and Guinness

In a raw food restaurant

To Mel Gibson and Donald Rumsfeld


In my mind

Nobody breathes on Sunday

All the cameras are paused

Until Monday at four


In my mind

There’s a cure for cancer


In my mind

There’s no medicine for love


In my mind

They stopped feeding the dragon


And in my mind

You’re the gifter of dreams


In my mind

The cowbirds are on vacation

Left the ravens to clean up the mess

Weekdays, swing shift

And graveyard, I guess

Cattle don’t know shit


In my mind

There’s calluses on your kneecaps


In my mind

I barbecued the TV


In my mind

I’m still playing sudden death

Holding the hot tub from Hell

From rolling downhill

Never say die

Till the mourners scream



In my mind

I’ve lost track of myself

Double take on the gray-beard

Grinning in the mirror


In my mind

I’m a force, a bloody animal


In my mind

I’m playing piccolo in the band


In my mind

The moon is your full belly


In my mind

I want my blue to be sky

All creatures, all stories

All goblins and hopes

Land smoothly on the runways

Of my mind


In my mind

I’m waiting for you

Always, always straining

And craning to see

If you’re here

If you’re happy to see me


‘Cause in my mind

I can’t leave you

Alone, I’m always going

But you’re never gone


You homesteaded my Black-tail

Filed a claim on Grasshopper Creek


In my mind 

You rent this apartment

My little studio

Of words and beer


In my mind

We drive on and park and

I promise

All I need is the taste

Of your skin


All I want

Is your eyes and thighs

On me on a mattress

Bathed in moonlight

In my mind


In my mind

I’m the vampire of your dreams

I take what I get

With or without tears

All I need is what I have

In my mind

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