shirley temple

You can’t go home again

You can’t go home again

Your hood is in your mind

And if the porridge was ever good

So was the red fear riding

Your tear streaked cheeks

When the boys left you tied

Like Matthew Shepard

Between two Lodgepole pines

That winter afternoon

And you realized for the first time

Wrists and ankles cut

From your panicked struggle that

No one was going to save you

And you needed to come to

Grips with friend-shits, bears

And wolves, swallow then chase

Them with Jim Beam, know nothing

Is “just right” for very long

Everything moves on, the shudder

Of her pelvis in your hand

Rolling under summer stars

In the end zone or fishing

For Rainier six-packs in Petty Creek

And cruising those blind two-lanes

One hundred plus miles per hour

V-8 muscle, no safety

Belts, no Easy Pieces

Only Easy Riders and un-Fortunate

Sons trading in their balls

And warm-ups for lottery tickets

To southeast Asia, forget

County-fair teddy-bears won

At balloon darts or ring toss

Shoot for nostril rings of white powder

Kilos of Columbian weed and

Paranoia dressed in Grandma’s

Nightgown packing a pistol, too much

Coke is not enough cash, your old man

Hanging in Walker’s Early Times

With the Old Crow, don’t-cha-know

Those were the days, Man, long

Hair and longer nights, no bras

Black Panthers, uppity Graws

Wounded Knees and bloody prancers

Everywhere you looked Cha-Cha-Changes

Piled like dirty dishes and unmade beds

Left by spoiled white-kids like you

While men took bullets in the head

Wrapped in a righteous rhetoric

No one goes home again

No one ever leaves it

We’re born into nightmares

And dreams, chroniclers of the sweet

Bizarre, collectors, directors

Of our stories, our views, always

An ear out and an eye for

The comforts we choose to cozy up to

Be they bowls or beds

Or campfire flames licking the night

Holding back the dead

Its dark breath, teeth and eyes

Still, we’re dying to be

Surprised by jokes, ghosts

The orgasm of sonic booms—

Practice for kissing the wolf

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