one_dollar_billThat pot-bellied, smelly, old man,

is another divine intervention victim,

non-denominational mid-life crisis

indulged with a ’67 Mustang hardtop.


God’s will be done, right? What if

dementia is more fun than nursing? Tell me

what happened in Vegas west of Eden.

Does the Frontier still serve brains & eggs?


There but for the grace of Krishna go

pussy cats posing on the internet, chimps

in plaid jackets and top hats snorting

blow before thumbing their noses at Jesus.


Does that ring a bell? Should we burn

some incense? Put your cards on the table,

slap a corpse on a slab, pretend it’s ahead

of itself or rather, behind, like luggage


tossed onto the wrong conveyer.

Spread ‘em, Laddie, Old Jack O’Diamonds

is passing the butter with that baguette.

Brando’s got his tango by the tail feathers,


and that bleeding Queen O’Hearts dines on

Buck Owens’ guitar table. It’s plain to see

tigers are feeding on Palestinian Christians

in the stable straw of Bethlehem mangers,


cradles loaded with IEDs triggered beneath

baby-dolls swaddled in shrink-wrapped shrouds.

Insanity feasts in humanity’s kitchen.

Cousin Louis knows Kosher can kill


Muslims or dentists on either side of the fence.

For Christ’s sake, crisis could care less about

a particular age, and most of us prefer living to

dying or driving car bombs, not to mention


driving up the costs of flying first class

(God forbid being stuck in the back with

the brats, that infirmity of mouth-breathers!)

Thank God if you weren’t born poor (or gay).


No one is standing in line to buy bootstraps!

Nobody “really” wants to qualify for Affirmative A.

They say most business used to be done by God-

fearing white men on the links back in the day,


but they’ll let anyone on the course now. Some

claim they don’t think they get a fair shake . . . the Lord

helps those who help themselves! We’re still living

this Goddamned American dream!

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