the day after Christmas

I made love to my 87 year old mother

iced her knee, served her

coffee & a sermon

on corporate fascism

the day after Christmas

the biggest shopping day of the year

I ate turkey leftovers

listened to Bukowski wax

drunk on cd

which is better than fucking-

most poets wagging on eloquently

about art (if you’re like me

getting half drunk on cheap beer)

the day after Christmas

my fingers smelled like fish

because I scratched my moustache

after sticking them in my pussy

cat’s seafood buffet

the day after Christmas

I called in sick

listened to Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

did two loads of laundry

took out the trash

after all this is Amerika

& we were buried in shit

the day after Christmas

I found moments of silence

when cell phones didn’t ring

when stars of wonder

surely must have wondered

why nobody sings or does anything

about the wanton avarice

we proclaim in Jesus’ name

the day after Christmas

I’m supposed to feel good

cleansed, saved by the joy

of giving, reborn & mesmerized

like those three wise guys

so lost they found God

the day after Christmas

on we trudge bearing gifts

guilt will make us

use at least once or twice

to show those we love

we really do love them

by buying into the corporate credit

plan God created (for man)

the day after Christmas

when he created the Federal Reserve

the IRS, withholding taxes

& the day after that he invented more

crap, who does God love anyway

how much did those three kings have to pay

to seal a deal like that

the deal of eternity nailed down

on Christmas day

if they’d only waited

stayed the night

they could have Jewed him down to half price

the day after Christmas

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