Chef Boyardee

was a wizard with a knife

if he couldn’t find

a can opener

or a P38


he could cut into

the metal shelf life

of a wide variety

the happy meals


that defined my youth

Dinty Moore or

Spaghetti O’s

Van Camps’ pork-n-beans


the Jolly Green Giant

hands on hips elbowed in

on Hunt’s and Del Monte

but Campbell’s held claim


to the soup game opened

wide for chunky Jiff or

smooth Skippy paired

to Welch’s grape as


French’s dogged Heinz

Wonder buns to go

with Lays or Fritos

cracking open a Pillsbury


dough-boy to giggle

for flaky crescent rolls

and sop-up exotic Ragu

save room for Duncan Hines


Chef Boyardee didn’t need

fresh food or a stove

he helped us survive

cold wars and winter


—for Kurt & Richard


Mark Gibbons

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