For the Life of Me

it’s all a mystery

what makes us tick


what matters

the whys


how we deal with each other

how we handle ourselves


one man cries

one woman hits


one billion-plus will never quit

two billion more don’t give a shit


what they say when they don’t

know what to do


so we work

we play


we busy ourselves

we poke and provoke


we make up stories

to entertain and explain


to teach our children the system

navigating the terrain


give them reasons to believe

they have a stake in this


and help them continue

walking through


what we don’t understand

solving the puzzle


one piece at a time

is the main motivation


for opening our eyes

once we become bored


with our distractions

and toys


with practicing



our place

in what we define


as this

space/time continuum


wrestling the messy

animal inside


that heart-pounding

Poe pendulum


swing of love

to fear


the roller-coaster ride

where art resides


gripping the load bar

blind enough to see


the possibility

beyond the trees


that molecular forest

where eventually


maybe there will be

some good reason


an explanation

for the life of me


Mark Gibbons

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