She Takes Me

edges and centers

rivets and feathers

nothing holds

ever so

let it ride unfold

slouching gyres come and go

laving on paint

thick as Vinny Van Gogh

from Top Sail to York

from Flagstaff to Cork

nobody sings like Aly McGee

when the moon rises fast

blood red over Atlantis

bow your head and listen

to your lover’s vampire lips

lilting the wash of sweet dog

bones still chasing birds

in the backyard of heart

nothing is buried

only finally forgotten

unless it’s scribble-sung

in stone keep on

digging the cool surf on sand

caress your toes

let it take your soul

way down below the ocean

follow your tow

headed sons on the beach

then kneel and watch

the red sunrise

kiss the sky

the color of their eyes

Oh Ghalib

it’s where you want to be


for JimBo

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