You’ll have to excuse me

or I hope you’ll excuse me

actually I don’t really care


Well I do but I don’t know

how to tell you I’m sorry

you are so insecure or


Arrogant that you feel

it’s imperative to pose as

if you harbor some hidden


Knowledge or wisdom

we all should admire

and respect how important


You are in the hoo-haw

of wherever you exist

that story you’ve written


For yourself the game you

follow the role you play

the truth is you are not


More important than me

and of course I am not

more important than you


Or any other bug spewing

words or tobacco juice

aspen leaves flashing silver


In the breeze trout holding

green-golden in a stream

the child the dog the sharp


Crack of a rifle shot blood

on your plate we are here

and we don’t know shit


About anything so what is

the point of pretending

to be more than we ain’t


When all that really matters

is the ecstatic joy we are

breathing mysterious as stars

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