and: explosions, flames, smoke


sirens, moans, blood & tears

all buried in dust



or: strutting the night


the bowlegged wolverine

sniffs the air, disappears

and is gone


for: who holds the rights?


who knows the wrongs?

how many dead?

questions, years


so: table for two


honestly, I’m a coward

how about you?

are you like me?


rather: relieved not to be


in the schools today

watching how we “commemorate”

this solemn “remembrance”


if: the demolition of empire


fans nationalist, fear-based fires

grooming children to believe

their “ultimate service” to US


yet: this love of country


(maybe) involves killing

and/or dying for . . . it?

more sawed-off bullshit


but: still what? how? why?


i smile, will the lesson

give the benefit of doubt

tell tales of human pain, neither


nor: ignore dark beauty


our black cat staring

into the night sky, i see

three yellow moons

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