The Return

I fell in love

with the wounded animal

in you. I recognized it

across the room,

and I wanted to hold you,

soothe you, and reassure

myself we’d be

okay as a team.

Which meant a friend

in the fifth grade.

That gauge I used

on everyone I met.

It was part of the initial

size-up, the risk factor

for entering truth.

Sometimes I see it

in someone’s eyes,

sometimes it’s body posture,

or I hear it in their voice,

a surrender, a letting go,

the desire to know

love, another, the other.

We both knew

the exhilarating joy after pain

and how to comfort

the sick, the dying, ourselves.

It starts in the dirt

and is totally present

in animals, but people

never often find the time

until the party’s over.

To have been there

and returned is the metaphor

of Christ, and Christ knows

I came back for you.

for Pam

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2 Responses to The Return

  1. Kathy Estes says:

    Excellent Mark..I love your words..I always have..

    • marcogibbo says:

      Thanks, neighbor . . . a lot of water under the bridge at this point. It was good to see you the other day. Keep on, kid.

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