Nirvana Unlocked


The inmates sit

In a circle

On a cement slab

Behind bars


One blames self-made

Bad luck—one points to rage

Just one names cowardice

More claim anger and hate


They’ll never leave here

And all agree their choices

Sprang from fear—what they

Want is to understand


So they sit

And meditate

In silence

Face themselves


Meet the man in the mirror

Know he is guilty

Because all men are guilty

As all men are innocent


And incarcerated and free

All men need to forgive

Themselves—bring peace

Step back and see


Step back and watch

Pause—listen—just be

Prisons contain bodies

The human mind is liberty

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2 Responses to Nirvana Unlocked

  1. me boyo,
    I tip a glass to ye, take a whiff of a merry tune, digest the words of a poet who screams into a cauldron of fools who think that money is intelligence and power gives sanction to demean, to rape and pillage, to murder with impunity.

    On my way to work I take a moment to light the fire under that cauldron of fools and wait to watch the pot boil before I trudge off to tell the world I did it free of charge.

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