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That pot-bellied, smelly, old man, is another divine intervention victim, non-denominational mid-life crisis indulged with a ’67 Mustang hardtop.   God’s will be done, right? What if dementia is more fun than nursing? Tell me what happened in Vegas west … Continue reading

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Hungry, you wait like a hawk or a raven perched on the edge of a blank page, watching,   listening, thinking, & feeling . . . you follow the wind driven by thunderstorms, spruce cones   pelting the back yard, … Continue reading

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The ringing in your ears masks the sound of footsteps, dust kicked up, cat-hair tumbleweeds filling the corners of your paper-cluttered room, and under your thumbs a blues you don’t recognize, some poetry-buddy’s jazz blossoming, possibly, trying to write itself … Continue reading

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